The Solidarność Museum

In the one before the last room of the (excellent!) main exposition of the Solidarność Museum in Gdańsk there is a wall where the once (1980) so popular Czesław Bielecki’s “Kardiogram” graffiti-like piece of art incorporating the famous free trade unions logo is formed from small — white or red — carton pieces. Visitors at the end of their visit are encouraged to write down their thoughts on these visit card large pieces of paper and just fix them on the wall.

dad thank you

Someone has posted a simple, but moving message: “Dad, thanks for freedom”. In 2016, the next generation of Poles is confronted with the freedom question again. Will they also follow the social solidarity philosophy as their parents generation did?

By the way, there is another fine new museum in Gdańsk to be opened in the spring of 2017, the Second World War Museum.