Sustenhorn seen from Hochstollen

Remembering Sustenhorn

Just a day trip to the Hochstollen mountain above the Melchensee-Frutt area in the central Switzerland had a nostalgic note. The glaciated top of Susternhorn appeared by surprise. I did not realise it was to be seen already from the approach to Hochstollen… But the mountain was clearly there, immediately recognised and bringing a lot of memories. And from the top of Hochstollen, 2481m, the white top of Sustenhorn, 3503m, with the surroundings of Sustenspitz, Gwächtenhorn, Tierberg slopes and their glaciers was omnipresent on the horizon and in my mind. I climbed it in August of 2008 starting from Chelenalphütte — and, due to circumstances, the last leg of the route over the Steingletcher from Sustenlimi — this is the lowest glaciated pass on the picture — alone — and therefore all too well remembered.

Sustenhorn, August 2008Hochstollen, September 2019.