Nick Cave alone at Alexandra Palace

Nick Cave alone at Alexandra Palace

A brilliant idea in these extraordinary times, streaming a beautifully filmed concert played in a completely empty hall of Alexandra Palace in London at an exactly given date and hour. We bought the tickets (ehm, the online access code) and enjoyed the evening of 23rd July 2020 in the confinement of our living room thoroughly.

Nick Cave performed alone, formally in the style of his concert series Conversations, he and his piano and a lot of paper notices, but without… yes, of course, any interactions with the public. Arrived alone, played alone, and left alone into the light. During the performance, maybe one or two looks directly into the camera (unconscious?), laughed only once (at a false note?). Pure introvert melancholy. Gorgeous.

Idiot Prayer — a note from Nick Cave himself.

Go tell the women that we're leaving

Go tell the women that we’re leaving