La Réunion

Just came back from the Island of La Réunion. The picture is taken while trekking in the Forest de Bélouve, nearby Trou de Fer. Lately, I stated that I might come back there anytime. Some kind of an elusive fascination? Maybe, but there is some long-lasting truth behind it. It is a very attractive and well-frequented holiday destination and in the same time a strong enough local Creole culture which will not change much under the (bad?) pressure of tourists’ influence. And, if at all, it will happen with the local folks participating in a creative way. The slogan of “France of the Indian Ocean” may be laughed upon, but it is very true for an impartial observer. Modern, European civilisation flourishing where a post-colonial backwater could have developed.

A few pictures from the island published on voyages.jankowski.org.